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Harman Buttar, MD

Harman Buttar, MD is the founder of Vital Clinic and Spa in Cypress, Texas. Her mission is to provide high-quality family medicine services to patients living in and around Harris County.

A native Houstonian, Dr. Buttar graduated from Cy-Fair High School, obtained her medical degree from McGovern Medical School, formerly UT Health Science Center- Houston, and completed her training in Family Medicine at The Houston Methodist Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program. She is board-certified by the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM).

During her residency, Dr. Buttar trained with some of the best dermatology practices in the Texas Medical Center and it was there that her interest in injectable therapies and the latest light and laser based technologies began. After graduation, she continued to develop her skills in aesthetics by engaging in additional certification courses. She and her amazing staff are equipped with over a decade of experience in aesthetics and procedures.


“I strongly believe that looking your best and feeling your best go hand in hand,” she says. “I feel fortunate that I am able to serve my community with primary care services that uniquely support each person’s health, aesthetic goals, and vitality.”

Dr. Buttar’s knowledge of and ability to utilize the latest FDA approved aesthetic devices for medical purposes is a prime example of the unique services that she is able to provide her clients. One of Dr. Buttar’s clients had debilitating back pain but refused muscle relaxers and pain medications. Given that he was unable to strengthen his core muscles to reduce the back pain because of the physical limitations his back pain caused, Dr. Buttar utilized Cutera’s award winning Truflex device to provide the equivalent of 54,000 crunches and squats in each session to obtain results faster than he would have been able to achieve in the gym. Her client is now able to move pain free and has vowed to maintain his results by regularly going to the gym.

This amazing treatment can also help with pelvic floor strengthening to improve urinary stress incontinence, and help with knee rehabilitation and stability after an injury or surgery.

Part of Vital Clinic and Spa’s success in being voted as the Best Weight Loss Clinic and IV Therapy Center in 2023 was owed to the ability to address the downstream effects of weight loss medications such as Mounjaro/Tirzepatide/Semaglutide/ Ozempic to give her clients the ability to maintain their weight loss and address any body or facial skin laxity that results. Using a multimodal approach, Vital Clinic and Spa utilizes the TruFlex to provide muscle toning to combat muscle loss associated with the above mentioned medications and thus maintain their client’s basal metabolic rate (BMR) to help support their metabolism and continue to burn calories. The addition of weekly Lipo-Mino injections provides amino acids and vitamins to support fat metabolism, detoxification in the liver, and maintain energy levels during weight loss. The clinic also offers InMode’s Morpheus 8 body, the latest buzz in Hollywood as the first and only FDA approved technology to provide subdermal fat destruction and reduction in cellulite and skin laxity. Dr. Buttar’s expertise in the use of dermal fillers to address facial volume loss is often one of the recommended treatments for “Ozempic Face”.

Dr. Buttar and her team also consider other barriers to weight loss and factors that contribute to vitality; they are able to provide bioidentical hormone therapy for those who are symptomatic and deficient. IV therapy is also available as an option to provide direct nutrients without relying on often inefficient gut absorption.

Vital Clinic and Spa accepts most insurances for their medical services and Dr. Buttar is committed to affordability for her patients. The treatments that insurance may not cover are affordably priced so that as many patients as possible can enjoy the glow of good health and confidence that comes from feeling good inside and out.