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How IV Hydration Can Benefit Your Body

How IV Hydration Can Benefit Your Body

If you struggle to drink enough water and constantly feel thirsty and dehydrated, you’re not alone. In fact, many Americans are chronically dehydrated. While the conventional wisdom states that you should drink eight glasses of water every day to stay hydrated, everyone is different, and some people may require more or less fluid intake to stay active and hydrated.

IV hydration therapy is designed to infuse your body with all it needs to feel and function at its best.

Dr. Harmanpreet Buttar and our team at Vital Clinic and Spa offer IV hydration and infusion treatments at our medical spa in Cypress, Texas.

How dehydration affects your health and lifestyle

The problem with dehydration is that you don’t always know you’re dehydrated until it’s too late after you already feel exhausted and lethargic, suddenly have a pounding headache, or feel dizzy and confused. 

Over time, dehydration can become chronic and have a negative effect on your health. When you’re chronically dehydrated, drinking those eight glasses of water in a single day won’t suddenly restore your body’s fluid balance.

Not drinking enough water and fluids, being out in the heat for prolonged periods, intense physical workouts and exertion, and diarrhea can all lead to dehydration.

In addition to feeling excessively thirsty, the signs and symptoms of dehydration include:

Extreme dehydration can also increase your heart rate and cause low blood pressure.

Is IV hydration therapy right for you?

Along with avoiding the effects of dehydration, your body also needs to get enough fluids to run efficiently. Organs like the brain, heart, skin, kidneys, and lungs consist primarily of water, so hydration is essential for your body to run smoothly and maintain optimal health.

IV hydration therapy isn’t a substitute for drinking water and eating a healthy diet. Rather, it’s a great way to quickly infuse your body with the fluids you need at a quicker pace. 

If you have chronic dehydration or participate in extreme or endurance sports, like marathon training or Crossfit, IV hydration therapy may be a good way to ensure that your body isn’t using more fluid than it’s taking in.

The human body is mostly water, so staying hydrated and keeping a healthy fluid balance is essential for every lifestyle.

For more information about IV hydration therapy and whether it’s right for you, contact us today to schedule an appointment at Vital Clinic and Spa in Cypress, Texas.

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