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Learn How Our Medical Gym Program Can Help You Attain Your Best Body

Learn How Our Medical Gym Program Can Help You Attain Your Best Body

Losing and keeping off weight in a safe and sustainable way is a complicated process. While exercise and diet are the key factors in maintaining a healthy weight, there are several additional factors that sabotage or slow your progress. The problem is that many popular weight loss plans and diet trends only focus on certain aspects of nutrition and fitness, which provides limited or disappointing results.

Dr. Harmanpreet Buttar and our team at Vital Spa and Clinic in Cypress, Texas, offer a medical gym program and weight loss treatment plans designed to help you meet your goals safely and sustainably.

How our medical gym program can help you attain your best body

Whether you’ve never set foot in a gym or have been working out for years, finding the right combination of exercise and diet to target the whole body can be difficult. Your body’s needs and composition change over time, especially as you get older. 


Suddenly, you may find that fitness routines and plans that worked perfectly for years are less effective. Or maybe you’ve noticed that despite eating well and having a healthy lifestyle, certain areas of your body cling to stubborn fat.

Our medical gym program provides targeted muscle strengthening and fat loss treatments for specific areas of the body, such as:

The program combines strengthening and aesthetic treatments for the best results. In addition to targeted fat reduction treatments with FDA-approved TruSculpt ID, the medical gym membership also includes IV fluid treatment to rehydrate your muscles after your session, RF treatments to target fat cells, tighten skin, and boost collagen production, and LipoB12 shots to promote long term fat loss.

Our medical gym program is designed to help you achieve results that would be difficult to achieve on your own. In addition to our medical gym membership, we also offer customized weight loss plans designed to meet your unique needs and goals.

Whether you’ve been trying to lose weight for years or are faced with the challenge of shedding and keeping off unwanted pounds for the first time, your body’s needs are unique and a diet and exercise program that works well for one person may be ineffective for you. 

Medical gym and weight loss programs help you save time, energy, and money by skipping over what won’t work for you and creating an individualized plan that targets your problem areas. 

Factors like your hormones, genetics, environment, and lifestyle play an essential role in your ability to lose and keep off weight. Our medical gym program is designed to help you address the weight loss factors that are difficult to manage and overcome on your own.

For more information about our medical gym program and services to help you reach and maintain your weight loss goals, contact Vital Spa and Clinic today to schedule an appointment at our office in Cypress, Texas.

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