Elitone® – Urinary Incontinence Treatment in Cypress, TX

How Elitone® Works

Elitone® uses gentle, low-frequency pulses to stimulate weakened pelvic floor muscles through neuromuscular stimulation. This stimulation performs Kegel exercises for you longer and stronger than you could on your own. Elitone® is proven to calm an overactive bladder, reduce leaks, and reduce the sudden urge to pee. You may also experience the added benefit of vaginal tightening. If you suffer from stress, urge incontinence, or pelvic pain, our medical providers at Vital Clinic & Spa will help determine if Elitone® is a good fit for your life.

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    The Device

    Elitone® does not have any internally placed parts–resulting in more comfort and ease of use–and instead utilizes a GelPad that is placed on your perineal (pubic) area underneath your clothes. The Elitone® device can be used in the comfort of your own home while continuing your daily routine and has a portable controller that can fit in your pocket. The controller allows you to choose the intensity that is right for you. An Elitone® cycle repeats 6 seconds of stimulation and then 6 seconds of rest 100x during the treatment.

    Vital Clinic & Spa offers this groundbreaking technology to you for purchase in the office and, in most cases, can work with your insurance for reimbursement of the cost.

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    Are there any contraindications or reasons to avoid ThermiVa® or Ellitone® treatments?

    Yes, please notify your Vital Clinic & Spa medical provider if you:

    • Are pregnant or attempting to become pregnant.
    • Have an electronic implant (e.g. cardiac pacemaker, implanted defibrillator) or suffer from heart problems.
    • Have active cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, heart disease, cognitive dysfunction, or neurological condition (e.g. Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease).
    • Had surgery within the last six weeks.
    • Have complete denervation of the pelvic floor.
    • Have a history or symptoms of urinary retention, extra-urethral incontinence, or overflow incontinence.

    How often do I need to use the Elitone® device to see improvements in my urinary symptoms?

    Daily 20 minute Elitone® sessions with external gel pads for 12 weeks are recommended for optimal results. You may continue to see improvement after your therapy sessions end. Some women require periodic maintenance sessions to maintain their results. The frequency needed will vary depending on your body and could be a couple of times a week or a few times a month.

    Is Elitone® FDA cleared?

    Yes, Elitone® is FDA cleared. At Vital Clinic & Spa, we want to provide safe and effective treatments and will discuss any concerns that you may have.

    Are there any activity restrictions while using the Elitone® treatment?

    The Ellitone device can be used under your clothes while you continue your daily activities with minimal discomfort and no downtime.

    Are there any risks or side effects of Elitone® that I should be aware of?

    Potential side effects include skin irritation, pain, and muscle fatigue, which most often occur due to overuse. Talk to your doctor to help determine if you need to reduce your usage, and remember that you have control over the intensity through the handheld controller.

    What does Elitone® treatment feel like?

    Expect a tingling sensation where the GelPads contact the skin. You will also be able to feel internal stimulation and your skin may begin to feel a bit numb. If the intensity is too extreme, simply reduce the intensity level on your handheld controller.

    Do I need to shave to be able to use Elitone® treatment?

    Most women find that they do not need to shave, but some find trimming to be useful to gain better skin contact with the Elitone® GelPads. The GelPads do not pull hair upon removal.

    Is Elitone® covered by insurance?

    In some cases, insurance companies reimburse for the cost of Elitone®. Vital Clinic & Spa will work with you to determine your out-of-pocket expense, if any.